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SheerLuxe Baby Shower

(December 07, 2010)

Georgie Coleridge Cole has a baby shower at 36 weeks and loves her gifts especially the Baby Aid Compact.

Week 36: Baby Shower

Week 36 and to my gorgeous and very generous girlfriends who so kindly organised my baby shower, an enormous thank you. And to all those who came a big thank you for all your goodies too. This bump has – already – been very spoilt indeed.

Amongst a playmat that doesn’t completely spoil the colour scheme in my sitting room (friend-in-the-know told me cream was mean and that babies like colour!), a cashmere all in one, smart little cardigan and my favourite Flowers bath stuff (for me) were a few bits and pieces that I thought might be of use to others.

babyaid.jpgI was also given a cute little first aid kit, perfect for a baby on the go. Conceived by a mumpreneur, who knew first hand the reality of the accidents that can occur, Baby Aid, was created so that mums have everything they need for common emergencies; everything from basic plasters to burn gel. Such a useful pressie that I just wouldn't have thought of.


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