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(January 14, 2010)

Baby Aid Compactizzyandfloyd

Every home should have one! Baby Aid Compact, a must when your baby is toddling around the house and outside.  'What is it'? I hear you say.  Well, it's a compact well thought out mini first aid kit especially for your little one.

Each Baby Aid contains 34 items of the necessary first aid products for the usual bumps, scrape and minor burns, ouch!  And also included that all important 'How to make it better' first aid guide.

Baby Aid Compact is so small and well, compact, it will fit into most handbags and large pockets, so no excuses!  Great if you are taking your little one out to the park or playground and an essential in your suitcase when going on holiday either overseas or within the UK.

Baby Aid compact can be purchased for £14.95 at

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