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(October 30, 2009)

Baby Aid First Aid Kit

baby aid first aid kit


Lillie: “What’s this for Mummy?”
Mummy: “It’s a first aid kit to make you better when you hurt yourself.”
Lillie: “That will be very good for Ted….Can I see the scissors now?”

She’s observant that Lillie. Ted is accident prone. Very, very accident prone. As we speak he is sporting a gash across his foot from tripping over a toy lorry. A bruise atop the very same foot. A scar down his chin left over from a fall off of play equipment. And it’s not been long since a large bump in the very centre of his forehead went down following a headbutt of a metal framed bed.

Which means we need more than a couple of plasters and a bottle of Calpol in our medical stash. Cue the Baby Aid First Aid Kit which contains a little bit of everything you need to tend cuts, grazes and burns all in a little oil cloth bag which looks jolly nice on the bathroom side or in the camping kit. Unsurprisingly Lillie was most enamoured with the scissors and the ‘Brave Little Star’ stickers which, when one thinks about it, are an essential in the parental first aid kit - which small children aren’t immediately cheered by a sticker? Why do you think the dentist gives them out? But also inside you’ll find bandage, tape, dressing, a little tube of burn shield, eye wash, plasters and wipes plus handy info on CPR and even a wee thermometer for those ‘mummy I’ve got a sore tummy’ days (surely Lillie isn’t the only child with Toddler Munchausen’s?)

The Baby Aid website sells refills for everything so if you ever run low you’re sorted.

It’s not cheap - at £14 a pop it feels a little like you’re paying a lot for the concept and a nice bag when you’ve probably got most of the gear in your medicine cabinet already - but the Baby Aid kit is undoubtedly perfect for throwing in your car on days out or suitcase when you’re off on holiday, better than lots of leaky bottles and squishy tubes in a placcy supermarket bag (or is that just me?). And of course it will be in the TTR festival kit for next year along with a few sachets of Calpol and a tube of insect bite cream - two things which would make good additions to the kit.

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