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(September 11, 2009)

BabyAid Compact First Aid Kit

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PRODUCT: BabyAid Compact First Aid Kit ( BabyAid Compact

DESCRIPTION: A compact take-anywhere first aid kit for babies and children. Includes 3 x Burnshield gel sachets, 3 x disposable thermometers, 4 x antiseptic wipes, low adherent dressing, adhesive dressing, scissors, conforming bandage, microporous tape, 10 x plasters, eyewash/woundwash solution, 6 x bravery stickers, and British Red Cross First Aid guide.

GOOD POINTS: The BabyAid Compact is a wonderfully compact first aid kit for babies and young children, which is designed for taking with you wherever you go. Its small size makes it easy to carry in any handbag, travel bag or changing bag, and means that it is always at hand in case of any accidents.

The kit consists of an attractive and durable plastic coated case with a flower design, with the dimensions 1.5" x 5.5" x 3.5". It has a large rubber BabyAid zip tag which allows the case to be accessed quickly, and the contents of the kit are held securely in netted pockets.

The first aid kit contains a surprisingly large amount of essential supplies to tackle a range of accidents and emergencies, including animal plasters, dressings, bandages, wipes and eye/wound wash solution, as well as blunt end scissors which are sharp enough to cut through bandages and clothing, disposable thermometers which stick under your child's armpit to track temperature for up to a two day period, and Burnshield Burn Blott gel sachets which provide immediate treatment for soothing burns, scolds and sunburn. In addition, a pack of bravery stickers are included which always prove ideal for distracting and cheering up young patients!

The kit also includes a short 'Directions for Use' leaflet, and a detailed British Red Cross First Aid Guide, which is definitely recommended reading as it provides very useful first aid advice for dealing with emergencies such as unconsciousness, CPR, choking, burns, high temperature and bleeding.

In our opinion, this is a great little kit which is very easy to carry out and about wherever you are, and contains everything you will need to deal effectively with any little accident should it occur.


PRICE: £14.95

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