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(September 04, 2009)

What every baby changing bag needs! Baby Aid, the compact first aid kit

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By BabyGoShop

Baby Aid - the compact first aid kit available from
Baby Aid - the compact first aid kit available from

As much as every mother wishes her bag was big enough to carry the kitchen sink along with her every time she left the home, it just isn't necessary. And thank goodness, because:

  • your arms would ache from the weight
  • you'd never find anything in time to avert disaster
  • your bag would have to be a suitcase and all style would have to be foresaken
  • keeping check of what needs topping up is a mammoth task.

So here is what I consider the perfect changing bag kit.

  • 3 nappies (should last you the day or a poo-filled morning)
  • baby wipes
  • nappy sacks (for dirty nappies but also for dirty clothes)
  • sachet of calpol
  • a couple of indespensible toys
  • a bottle of milk or a drinking cup
  • a snack
  • a muslin that can double as a bib
  • and the main reason for this article: Baby Aid, the compact first aid kit for babies.

Having looked and never found a suitable first-aid kit that I can take with me, I was absolutely delighted to find this new product on the market. Small enough to fit into a 'normal' sized changing bag or handbag, it is packed with everything you could need for any little emergency. There is also a leaflet giving detailed directions for the more major emergencies when 999 is not over-reacting!

Baby Aid looks good in it's self contained little pouch, water resistant and stain repellent for the changing bag emergency kind! Inside you will find:

3 x Burnshield Burnblott Sachets
1 x Non adherent absorbent dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m
1 x Blunt first aid scissors
1 x Adhesive tape 1,25cm x 5m
1 x sterile Eyewash/Woundwash pod 20ml
3 x Disposable Traxit childrens thermometers
4 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes
2 x 4cm x 4cm hypoallergenic plasters
1 x 6cm x 7cm hypoallergenic plasters
8 x Childrens fun hypoallergenic plasters
6 x Brave Little Star Stickers
1 x How to make it better-Guidance leaflet
1 x What is it all for-Directions for use leaflet

I think that would just about cover most crisises!

So I have bought one for myself to keep in my very reasonably sized changing bag and bought a box full to sell on my website because I am confident that every mother will want to have one with her when she is out and about with her baby!

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