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(September 01, 2009)

Be prepared for life’s little emergencies

Posted by Yell News Bloggers in Babies and Toddlers Tips, Children's Clothes and Products, Medical Advice on September 1st, 2009

Baby Aid can be kept in the car or in a handbag

Baby Aid can be kept in the car or in a handbag

Yell.comIt’s really easy to be overprotective with your baby and you can end up carrying around all sorts of things “just in case”.

However, it’s sensible to be prepared and there are products on the market to help with life’s little emergencies.

I particularly like the first-aid kit from Baby Aid, which is compact but full of items that can be popped into a handbag or kept in the car.

Packed into a neat little bag, the kit contains plasters, “Brave Little Star stickers”, thermometers, Burnshield gel, wipes, eye wash, bandages, scissors and even advice on general first aid and CPR.

Items can be re-stocked from Baby Aid too once they have been used or run out and it can provide some much-needed peace of mind for mums with young children.

The Baby Centre suggests taping important names and phone numbers of doctors or the local hospital into a first aid kit for children.

It also suggests adding a liquid pain killer, children’s sunscreen, calamine lotion, insect repellent and an oral syringe.

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