Baby Aid was conceived by mumpreneur, Lorna Smith.    Being a mum herself, and knowing first hand the reality of the accidents that can occur, from  babies being burnt in coffee shops to toddler tumbles, Lorna was inspired to create something compact and stylish that every mum can carry with her at all times. 
With Baby Aid, mums have everything they will need for common emergencies.

We specialise in First Aid Kits for babies and children and are passionate about child safety and preparedness.
Baby Aid recommends First Aid training for all parents and carers of babies and small children. 

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Baby Aid Compact Mini

The Essential First Aid Kit

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Brave Little Star

For bumps and bruises

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What's inside?

"I love the great work Emma Hammet does, First Aid for Life makes it easy to train with online courses and plenty you tube videos to brush up your skills." Lorna Smith